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Dancers tackle serious message

posted 7 Jan 2014, 01:44 by Web Admin   [ updated 7 Jan 2014, 01:45 ]
A very serious topic was portrayed through music and dance by talented youngsters.

For the seventh year, performing arts students from New Rickstones Academy, in Conrad Road, Witham, were asked to take part in a performance for the annual World Aids Day festival at the Mercury Theatre, in Colchester.

Dancers Charlotte Lacey, Ceri Adams, Olivia Clark, Brad Hopwood, Lauren Purcell, Hope Bayford, Lauren Chattey, Ellie Cruickshank and Louise Hindley performed to live music by Charlotte Verrall.

They were chosen after submitting video footage of their work to the theatre.

Lisa Warnock, head of dance, said: “We are so lucky to have an event such as this for students to work towards as part of their BTEC studies. Performance outside of the learning environment is an essential part of developing young dancers.

“The event was a mixture of dance, drama and music performance and we were proud to continue our tradition of taking collaborative work to the festival in order to showcase exceptional standards in performance and creativity across the arts.

“I was incredibly proud of their professionalism and their high standards.”

The show, I Won’t Give Up, will be performed at the academy’s main dance show in March.