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Jack Petchey Achievements

posted 19 Mar 2015, 07:46 by Web Admin   [ updated 19 Mar 2015, 07:48 ]

The Jack Petchey Award scheme is an important part of what we do to recognise student achievement. We run the Gold scheme of the Jack Petchey, which means that three students per term are chosen as recipients of this prestigious Award. Students receive an exciting reward package, including £200 to spend on something for a department of their choice that will benefit both them and other students. Previous prize grants have been used for school trips, new books and resources such as digital cameras and Kindles, as well as chef’s jackets and sports equipment.

Each year the winners are invited to a special Jack Petchey Award ceremony in the local area to be officially recognised for their achievements. Some of our winners are pictured below at the most recent 2015 Awards ceremony, which was held at Braintree Arts centre.

Mrs Coote Overall 2014 winner. Reason for Award: Mrs Coote is an LSA at New Rickstones Academy and has been a highly valued member of the staff body for over ten years. She works tirelessly to support students during lessons and is a constant friendly and positive presence around our academy. Mrs Coote champions our students and is dedicated to making sure each of them achieves the best they can. Some of our most vulnerable students look to Mrs Coote for advice and guidance in their school-life. Mrs Coote holds a varied and important position, helping students understand classroom tasks and giving them more confidence in their reading and writing skills. Mrs Coote also works one-to-one with students, for example helping them meet coursework deadlines. She invests time in each of the students she works with and makes sure to attend events outside of school to support them and celebrate their achievements. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Coote for her hard work and dedication to helping the students at our academy succeed.

Jasmine Campbell Date of Award: October 2014 Reason for Award: Jasmine is younger than some of our other winners have been, but despite only being in year 8 Jasmine has already shown herself to be a quiet, polite and studious member of our academy community. Jasmine made a particularly strong impact during the recent castle-making project, in which students were tasked with constructing a 3D cardboard castle. Her castle impressed her teachers very much, especially for it's innovative use of a shoe box! Jasmine always tries hard to do her best in lessons, even when she faces difficulties and is a pleasure to teach.

Chloe Rigby Date of Award: September 2014 Reason for Award: Chloe has demonstrated excellent work ethic in the subject of French, which has been noted by her teacher and sets a good example to her peers. Chloe has very good understanding of French grammar and achieved a B grade in a Higher GCSE paper during year nine! Chloe works consistently hard at school to ensure she achieves her best. She is a popular student and a credit to our academy community.

Leanne Sayers Date of Award: April 2014 Reason for Award: Leanne has made exceptional progress in the subject of English. She has worked really hard to move from a C to an A grade in one year. She is dedicated to her studies and also spends extra hours completing homework to a very high standard. Mrs Newbury is in support of Leanne’s nomination for a Jack Petchey Award and says Leanne is a star! It is great to see students really lush themselves to achieve more and as such they not only help themselves but are also positive role models for other students.

Robert Benson Date of Award: February 2014 Reason for Award: Robert is a fantastic student who deserves to be recognised for his hard work and positive attitude. In particular Robert has proven himself to be an amazing dedicated library assistant during this academic year. He is a very competent senior librarian and is relied upon by Miss Fleuty on a daily basis to complete many tasks and set a good example for other students in the library! Robert has proven himself to be very trustworthy and a quick learner. He helps train other students to be library assistants and can be left in charge of the library circulation desk. He has taken part in many activities in the library and comes up with great ideas to improve the library experience for other students. Robert has also helped Miss Fleuty develop many aspects of the library assistant’s role. When he is not busy working in the library, Robert is also a talented musician and when he is not busy working in the library, he can be found rehearsing for school events. He has taken part in several music performance shows as he is an accomplished pianist.

Doug Taylor Date of Award: January 2014 Reason for Award: Doug is always in school with a cheerful demeanour and is well-liked by other students. He always comes in to school, no matter how ill he feels. There are many examples where Doug has proved himself to be an impressive young man. He is always willing to help other students and last year when another student was feeling really vulnerable Doug showed compassion and support for the student; when he was on a study period he took the student to their lesson and stayed with them until the student had settled in. Doug has also participated in community events around the academy, such as baking cakes for charity. Doug has previously won baking competitions as well and loves to cook. In year 10 Doug completed his work placement in two areas of the academy, with Miss Collins and as a science technician with Miss Inkersole. Doug was an asset to the Prep room and loved getting stuck in with whatever job he was given. Both members of staff supported Doug’s nomination for a Jack Petchey Award. He showed himself to be a mature and enthusiastic member of the team. Doug is an amazing young man and is well-deserving of this award.