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Students teach adults how to handle domestic violence reports

posted 7 Jan 2014, 01:36 by Web Admin   [ updated 7 Jan 2014, 01:37 ]
Teenagers have demonstrated to adults how reports of domestic violence should be handled.

Year 10 GCSE drama students from New Rickstones Academy, in Conrad Road, Witham, were invited to put together a performance for an event hosted by Braintree Council.

The conference saw 40 representatives from organisations including schools, hostels and Essex Police spend a day discussing the handling of reports of domestic abuse.

The 15 students crafted two pieces of drama for the event, the first showing how not to handle reports from youngsters, the second showing how they believe it should be done.

Edward Hake, head of drama at New Rickstones, said: “The audience included people from across Essex who deal with disclosures of domestic abuse as part of their jobs.

“The performances did not focus on the students; this was about showing the right way for the responsible adult to respond if they are approached by a young person who is concerned. The scenes were from the moment an adult is approached by a youngster with a disclosure.

“What the students produced was professional, mature and sensitive to the subject.”