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posted 7 Jan 2014, 01:26 by Web Admin   [ updated 7 Jan 2014, 01:26 ]

During the period of Thursday 19th – Friday 27th April, 128 of our Year 10 students embarked upon work experience.  With the support of HCS Careers Limited, we managed to secure placements for our students in a range of organisation’s within the county and beyond. 45 students managed to organise their own private placements which demonstrated their maturity, enthusiasm and initiative towards the programme. The aim of work experience is very much focused upon developing our students key employability skills in conjunction with curriculum specific subjects and the wider Work Related Learning curriculum, supporting course coverage in other examination subjects, providing students with an insight into the world of work and an opportunity for students to have a ‘taste’ of a work placement that they have a particular interest in. The programme has also allowed the Academy to further promote and embed our mutual working relationship with the business community.

Prior to students commencing their placements a large proportion had to organise and undertake an interview which allowed our students to develop key interpersonal skills. Once completing the placements the feedback and reports that we have had back from employers has been overwhelmingly positive, a number of our students were paid and offered Saturday jobs indicating the strong and impressive impressions that they gave of themselves. On returning from work experience all students have received a certificate indicating successful completion of the programme and an employer report, which will serve as a useful tool as evidence of their achievements in the future. The feedback and comments that we have received from students again reflected their positive outlook towards the programme, and here is just a flavour:

97% felt that they enjoyed their placement and that it was valuable

98% felt they had developed some new skills that employer’s recognise as important

94% felt they were given a variety of jobs/tasks to do

97% were pleased with their employers feedback and that the comments would help them in the future

If students were given the chance once more, 90% would do work experience again.

Student comments:

“I learnt something new, good experience and gained a Saturday job, and have met new people as well.”

“Best thing I have ever done, tried new skills, met new people.”

“Thought it was fun, enjoyed it, something other than just school.”

“I got to experience a wide range of skills which improved my confidence.”

“It felt like I was going to work and doing a proper job.”

“Enjoyed the experience as the job is what I want to do in the future.”

“Enjoyable, learnt new things, communicated with other colleagues and worked with members of the public.”

“I had a job to do, something productive, learnt new skills and how important a job and earning money is and how hard it can be.”

We are rightly proud of our students’ achievements, and conduct whilst on work experience, and once again they have acted as splendid ambassadors for the Academy. We look forward to continuing the programme with our new Year 10 students in September and hope that the experiences encountered are as equally memorable .

Mr. Slatter

Director of Examinations