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Music Tuition

New Rickstones Academy offers music tuition programmes in the evening.  Students of any age, including adults and those not attending the Academy, are able to sign up for instrumental and vocal lessons.

Lessons are charged at £11.00 per ½ hour session with the students receiving a one to one lesson with their music teacher. Currently we are able to offer lessons in piano, keyboard, strings, guitar (acoustic, electric and bass), woodwind, drums and singing.

Each student will receive a total of ten lessons (five each half term); therefore the total cost of one term’s lessons is £110.00, payable by cheque or cash only, at the beginning of each term. We are able to make alternative payment arrangements but these must be agreed by the Academy beforehand.

Students opting to study music in Years 9-13 currently receive assistance towards the cost of their first instrument or voice. Those studying BTEC music qualify for partial funding and students in the 6th form studying A Level music qualify for full funding.

If you are interested in booking lessons or would like some more details, please feel free to contact our Evening Receptionist between the hours of 4.00 and 8.00 pm on 01376 515756 ext: 267 or alternatively e-mail us with your enquiry at