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    The Essex Book Awards
We are delighted to announce that we are taking part in this year's Essex Book Awards. Six Year 9 students have been invited to represent the Academy as our Reading Ambassadors. They will be reading the nominated books and writing reviews for each one, as well as attending the awards ceremony in March. 
The students will also be involved in various book related activities taking place around the school.

The Reading Ambassadors are:
Lola, Fynn, Emma B, Erin, Lily-Mae and Elliott.

They will all be happy to talk to you about the Essex Book Awards and about reading so please ask them lots of questions if you see them.

Congratulations To Our Word Millionaires!
Scarlett    7LPL
Emma     7ACO
Shannon  8KMR
Lily-Mae    9VIN
Elliott       9CAD

Number of Books Read: 1,024
Number of Words Read: 48,627,695

Number Of Quizzes Taken Per Tutor Group

7ACO  145
7DGI   110
7LPL    87
7SPA   97

8CTA   106
8JGE     88
8KBA   102
8KMR   111
8LJE    106

9CAD     66
9CLO     29
9TSM     68
9VIN      84