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20 June
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Wednesday 20 June

    The Essex Book Awards Update
The Reading Ambassadors had a successful trip to the Essex Book Awards in March, where they won Most Innovative school for their original idea for their promotion of  'Troublemaker' which was one of the books nominated for the award.  The students met the authors and listened to them talk about their inspiration for their books.
We discovered that the winner of the Essex Book Awards 2018 was Stewart Foster for his book 'All the things that could go wrong' which is a story about a boy trying to live with OCD.

They also made a scary book trailer for the book 'Scarecrow' using stop motion technology, the judges thought they used sound well and different mediums to add interest to their trailer. 
Congratulations to our hard working Reading Ambassadors.

They will all be happy to talk to you about the Essex Book Awards and about reading so please ask them lots of questions if you see them.

Congratulations To Our Word Millionaires!
Scarlett    7LPL   Dylan 7DGI      Madison  7DGI
Emma  7ACO     Adama 7ACO    Lennon   7ACO
Shannon  8KMR   Shelby  7SPA   Joshua 7ACO
Samuel 7JRU   Summer 7JRU   Ruby 8KMR 
Callie 8KMR   Alexy 8JGE  Billie-Ann 8JGE
Lily-Mae    9VIN    Archie   8KMR    Marissa   8KBA
Elliott       9CAD   Luke  8LJE      George  8CTA  
Ria    8KMR     Erin  9TSM      Lola    9CAD    Emma 9VIN

Congratulations to Dylan, Scarlett, George,  and Elliott for reaching 
Double Word Millionaire!
Well done Lennon our Triple Word Millionaire  and Ria our 
Quadruple Word Millionaire!.

Number of Books Read: 2,635
Number of Words Read: 123,464,175
Number Of Quizzes Passed Per Tutor Group

7ACO  298
7JRU   269
7LPL    220
7SPA   192

8CTA   225
8JGE   210
8KBA  223
8KMR   269
8LJE    256

9CAD     130
9CLO     51
9TSM     129
9VIN      138