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Admissions Information 

New Rickstones Academy will have an admissions number in year 12 of 100 minus any students eligible to transfer from the Academy’s own Year 11. All internal applicants who meet the criteria will be admitted to the 6th form, even if this number is greater than the planned admissions number of 100 students per year. If 100 or more students are eligible to transfer from the Academy’s Year 11 no external students will be admitted. The intended number to admit externally into sixth form is 25.

New Rickstones Academy will publish specific criteria in relation to minimum entrance requirements for the 6th form as a whole based upon GCSE grades or other measures of prior attainment. These criteria are the same for internal and external transfers. 

The academic entry criteria will be published in the autumn immediately preceding the year of admissions (that is Autumn 2016) for September 2017 admissions.

Oversubscription Criteria

In the event of oversubscription in either a subject or if the number of applications exceeds the capacity of the sixth form the following criteria will be applied in the order given: 

- looked after children and previously looked after children who meet the academic entry criteria;
- students currently attending the Academy;
- students with younger siblings already at the Academy;
- proximity of the student’s home to the Academy, with those living nearer being accorded the higher priority (as measured by straight line distance from home to the academy); children of staff.

Courses and requirements are subject to change.