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Guidance for Students and Parents

If you or your parents have any queries or need help or advice at any time before, during or after the examinations please contact the Examinations Officer -Mrs Langwith (room 169). The school telephone number is (01376) 515756

The awarding bodies (or examination boards) set down strict criteria which must be followed for the conduct of examinations, coursework and controlled assessments and New Rickstones Academy is required to follow them precisely. Please click on the links below to familiarise yourself with following Regulations and Posters issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications:

The revision advice page has some helpful advice and materials to help you revise.

Remember - we are here to help.


A revised Students and Parents Information Booklet is in production.

Below is the Mock Exam schedule for the remainder of the academic year

Wednesday 22 FebruarySixth Form : Maths
Monday 27 FebruaryYear 11 - Maths Paper 1
Tuesday 28 FebruaryBiology coreYear 11 - Science - period 2 (in Science lesson)
Monday 6 MarchPhysics coreYear 11 - Science - period 4 (in Science lesson)
Tuesday 7 MarchChemistry coreYear 11 - Science - period 4 (in Science lesson)
Monday 13 MarchBiology additionalYear 11 - Science - period 2 (in Science lesson)
Tuesday 14 MarchPhysics additionalYear 11 - Science - period 2 (in Science lesson)
Thursday 16 MarchChemistry additionalYear 11 - Science - period 2 (in Science lesson)
Friday 17 MarchYear 10 - Hairdressing
Monday 20 Marcha.m.Year 11 - Maths Paper 1 non calc
Tuesday 21 Marcha.m.Year 11 - Maths Paper 2 calc
Monday 27 March  

Year 11 - English Language
Year 11 - Maths Paper 3 calc
Tuesday 28 Marcha.m.Year 11 - English Language Paper 2

Wednesday 29 March


Year 10 - English Language
YeaR 11 - Drama Practical (in Theatre)
Thursday 20 Aprila,m.Year 11 - English Literature
Friday 21 Aprila.m.Year 11 - English Literature Paper 2
Monday 24 Aprila.m.Year 11 - Maths
Tuesday 25 Aprila.m.Year 10 - English Literature
Wednesday 26 April

Thursday 27th April

Friday 28th April


Year 11 - Maths

Year 11 - PE Practical (in Sports Hall)

Year 11 - PE Practical (in Sports Hall)

w/c 19 June, 26 June and 3 JulyYear 9 and 10 mocks                                                                                                                    

Below is the exam timetable for Summer 2017 - Year 11 exams are in yellow.

Internally organised examinations such as Speaking and Listening exams are not listed as these are
organised within departments.

CodeNameTimetable dateTimetable sessionTime allowed
GCSEArt Practical18th & 19th AprilAll day10 hours
BTEC L3BUSINESS - Unit 23/4 MaySupervised unit                      
0522/01 & 0522/02iGCE English READING PASSAGES (CORE) & (EXTENDED)05/05/20171.00 pm105
BTEC L3SPORT - Unit 28/9 MaySupervised unit
G720Travel & Tourism15/05/20179.00 am120
BTEC L2 21512EMusic - The Music Industry15/05/20179.00 am60
C in F EdCertificate in Financial Education15/05/20179.00 am60
15/05/20171.00 pm150
5FR011FFRENCH LISTENING (F)16/05/20179.00 am25
5FR011HFRENCH LISTENING (H)16/05/20179.00 am35
5FR033FFRENCH READING (F)16/05/20179.00 am35
5FR033HFRENCH READING (H)16/05/20179.00 am50
GEOG1GCE GEOGRAPHY UNIT 116/05/20171.00 pm120
BL1FPBIOLOGY UNIT 1 TIER F16/05/20171.30 pm60
BL1HPBIOLOGY UNIT 1 TIER H16/05/20171.30 pm60
BTEC L2 20544EHealth & Social Care - Human Lifespan17/05/20179.00 am60
F910/01H & SC: PROMOTING QULTY CARE WRITTEN17/05/20179.00 am90
5IT0101I.T. - LIVING IN A DIGITAL WORLD17/05/20179.00 am90
6663 01CORE MATHEMATICS C117/05/20179.00 am90
12910001MEDIA STUDIES MS118/05/20179.00 am150
CH1FPCHEMISTRY UNIT 1 TIER F18/05/20179.00 am60
CH1HPCHEMISTRY UNIT 1 TIER H18/05/20179.00 am60
42401DRAMA UNIT 118/05/20171.00 pm90
6EB01ECONOMICS - Develop. New Business Ideas18/05/20171.00 pm75
UV21578Hairdressing - Understanding the Hair and Beauty Sector19/05/20179.00 am90
5SP011FSPANISH LISTENING (F)19/05/20179.00 am25
5SP011HSPANISH LISTENING (H)19/05/20179.00 am35
5SP033FSPANISH READING (F)19/05/20179.00 am35
5SP033HSPANISH READING (H)19/05/20179.00 am50
6667 01FURTHER PURE FP119/05/20179.00 am90
5PE0101THEORY OF PHYSICAL ED.19/05/20171.00 pm90
8702/1ENGLISH LITERATURE PAPER 122/05/20179.00 am105
90301FGEOGRAPHY A UNIT 1 TIER F22/05/20171.00 pm90
90301HGEOGRAPHY A UNIT 1 TIER H22/05/20171.00 pm90
48101MEDIA STUDIES UNIT 123/05/20179.00 am90
Level 3 31490HH&S Care - Human Lifespan Development24/05/20179.00 am90
5BS0101BUSINESS - INTRO.TO SMALL BUSINESS24/05/20179.00 am45
6664 01CORE MATHEMATICS C224/05/20179.00 am90
PH1FPPHYSICS UNIT 1 TIER F24/05/20171.30 pm60
PH1HPPHYSICS UNIT 1 TIER H24/05/20171.30 pm60
1MA0 1HMATHS NON CALCULATOR (H) - resit25/05/20179.00 am105
1MA1 1FMATHS NON CALCULATOR (F)25/05/20179.00 am90
1MA1 1HMATHS NON CALCULATOR (H)25/05/20179.00 am90
Level 3 31463HBusiness - P&BF25/05/20171.00 pm120
8702/2ENGLISH LITERATURE PAPER 226/05/20179.00 am135
A525/01FOOD TECH:TECH ASPCT DSGN/MKNG WRTTN05/06/20171.00 pm90
GEOG3GCE GEOGRAPHY UNIT 305/06/20171.00 pm150
8700/1ENGLISH LANGUAGE PAPER 106/06/20179.00 am105
9EB0 01ECONOMICS - MARKETS & HOW THEY WORK06/06/20171.00 pm120
90302FGEOGRAPHY A UNIT 2 TIER F06/06/20171.00 pm90
90302HGEOGRAPHY A UNIT 2 TIER H06/06/20171.00 pm90
Level 3 31524HSport (S&D) - Unit 1 Anatomy & Physiology07/06/20179.00 am90
A451/01COMPUTING: CMPTR SYS & PRGMNG WRTTN07/06/20179.00 am90
6668 01FURTHER PURE FP207/06/20179.00 am90
6683 01STATISTICS S107/06/20179.00 am90
12940001MEDIA ST.MS4:T MS407/06/20179.00 am150
F888/01PORTUGUESE: LISTEN/READ/WRITE 2 WRTN07/06/20171.00 pm165
5JA0101JAPANESE LISTENING07/06/20171.00 pm45
5JA0301JAPANESE READING07/06/20171.00 pm55
PSYA3GCE PSYCHOLOGY A UNIT 307/06/20171.00 pm90
7182/1PSYCHOLOGY ADV PAPER 107/06/20171.00 pm120
Level 3 31660HICT - Unit 3 ICT Systms08/06/20179.00 am120
1MA0 2HMATHS CALCULATOR (H) - resit08/06/20179.00 am105
1MA1 2FMATHS CALCULATOR (F)08/06/20179.00 am90
1MA1 2HMATHS CALCULATOR (H)08/06/20179.00 am90
7192/1SOCIOLOGY ADV PAPER 108/06/20171.00 pm120
9HI0 1CHISTORY BRITAIN 1625-170109/06/20179.00 am135
BL2FPBIOLOGY UNIT 2 TIER F09/06/20179.00 am60
BL2HPBIOLOGY UNIT 2 TIER H09/06/20179.00 am60
5BS0301BUSINESS BUILDING A BUSINESS09/06/20171.00 pm90
GEO4BGCE GEOGRAPHY UNIT 4B09/06/20171.00 pm90
8700/2ENGLISH LANGUAGE PAPER 212/06/20179.00 am105
6EB03ECONOMICS - International Business12/06/20171.00 pm90
9BS0 01MARKET,PEOPLE & GLOBAL BU12/06/20171.00 pm120
1MA1 3FMATHS CALCULATOR (F)13/06/20179.00 am90
1MA1 3HMATHS CALCULATOR (H)13/06/20179.00 am90
F920/01H & SC: UNDRSTD HMN BHVR & DVLP WRTN14/06/20179.00 am90
6677 01MECHANICS M114/06/20179.00 am90
CH2FPCHEMISTRY UNIT 2 TIER F14/06/20179.00 am60
CH2HPCHEMISTRY UNIT 2 TIER H14/06/20179.00 am60
5HB022CHISTORY GERMANY 1918-4514/06/20171.00 pm75
PSYA4GCE PSYCHOLOGY A UNIT 414/06/20171.00 pm120
7182/2PSYCHOLOGY ADV PAPER 214/06/20171.00 pm120
5JA0401JAPANESE WRITING15/06/20179.00 am60
97820001Retail Business Unit 2: Written15/06/20179.00 am75
7712/1ENGLISH LITERATURE A ADV P115/06/20179.00 am180
7192/2SOCIOLOGY ADV PAPER 215/06/20171.00 pm120
46851POLISH UNIT 115/06/20171.30 pm50
9HI0 2CHISTORY FRANCE & RUSSIA REV.16/06/20179.00 am90
PH2FPPHYSICS UNIT 2 TIER F16/06/20179.00 am60
PH2HPPHYSICS UNIT 2 TIER H16/06/20179.00 am60
6678 01MECHANICS M216/06/20171.00 pm90
6689 01DECISION MATHEMATICS D116/06/20171.00 pm90
6FR0401FRENCH WRITTEN RESP.& RESEARCH19/06/20179.00 am150
9BS0 02BUSINESS ACTIVS,DECISION & STRATS.19/06/20179.00 am120
F921/01H & SC: ANATOMY/PHYSIOLOGY WRITTEN19/06/20171.00 pm90
9EB0 03ECONOMIC ENV. & BUSINESS19/06/20171.00 pm120
5HB033AHISTORY SURGERY C1845-C191820/06/20179.00 am75
46852POLISH UNIT 220/06/20179.00 am60
46854POLISH UNIT 420/06/20179.00 am60
6665 01CORE MATHEMATICS C320/06/20171.00 pm90
7192/3SOCIOLOGY ADV PAPER 320/06/20171.00 pm120
9HI0 36HISTORY BRITAIN & IRELAND21/06/20179.00 am135
7712/2AENGLISH LITERATURE A ADV P2 OPT A22/06/20179.00 am150
7182/3PSYCHOLOGY ADV PAPER 322/06/20171.00 pm120
6666 01CORE MATHEMATICS C423/06/20179.00 am90
9BS0 03INVESTIGATING BUSINESS23/06/20171.00 pm120
6669 01FURTHER PURE FP326/06/20171.00 pm90
6684 01STATISTICS S226/06/20171.00 pm90
C in F EdCertificate in Financial Education03/07/20179.00 am60